Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Thoughts on Saige's Collection Part 2

Okay here is part 2!
Saige's dog, $24. Here is Rembrandt. Well that is a very interesting name. In my opinion it seems like the My American Girl pets are all made hard, and G.O.T.Y. dolls dogs are made soft. For a little kid I think the soft pets are a great idea but I prefer the hard bodied animals, I have Meatloaf, Pepper, and Sugar. I have 2 soft bodied, Nutmeg, and Julie's terrier mutt I got of Ebay. Check out my post on her , here. I do like his blue leash though!
Saige's painting set, 48$. I love this set! I like that it comes with already painted pictures along with ones you can do. The Sketch pad and art portfolio. I love the mini paint tubes and brushes. I like the easel but it looks like it would not stand up to hard playing.
Saige's Parade Hat and Helmet, $20. To me this is just like getting a hat for ten dollars and a helmet for ten dollars. I would have liked it if you could have purchased them separately. I have to admit I do like the helmet!
Saige's Saddle set, $38. I like this set, but for 38 dollars, it seems like way to much. I might change my mind but really to me this is just a saddle and 4 little accessories.

Saige's Hot Air Balloon, $150. At first I was like " This is way to expensive! for such a small item." but when I realized it was over 4 feet tall I was all, "Woah". I still don't think I will be getting this item, because well its HUGE!!!! I do like the actual balloon and accessories though!

I will most likely not be giving my thoughts on Saige and her accessories because all I can Say is I LOVE THEM.

Comment and tell me what you think of Saige's collection and why. If you have already made  your own post like this comment a link!


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