Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Picasso, Saige's horse

So as some of you may know, I started off hating Saige's horse, Picasso. But since then I have grown to love him and added him to the family when I was in NY. I had also realized he is more expensive because he has articulation.

Plus Saige just LOVES him.

He is very big and sturdy. And he seems like he weighs a few pounds, but I bet he doesn't.

His head is very pretty, or should I say handsome, and his mane, oh his mane. It is Sooooooo soft!!

I think his name suits him. One, because Saige is an artist, but also his fur looks like a painting. His mane is also about the same color as Julie's.

Next, for his awesome neck movement. It goes from high,

To medium,

To low.

His front right leg moves too. He is very fun to pose! Here is the back of him, and I gave him Saige's hair style,

Here are a few pictures for size comparison between him and Saige.

Hope you enjoyed the review! Have an awesome day:)



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