Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mini Macbook

So about 2 weeks ago I was searching through ebay and came across a doll sized macbook (Really a compact mirror) and for only 3 dollars! After a few days of begging my mom gave in. It Just arrived the day before yesterday and I made a case for it. I gave it to julie yesterday because in my doll house, she is more responsible then McKenna. Sorry Kenna. She loves it so much she wrote a post about it here. Here is 2 photos one of the case, and one of the laptop, the rest are on their blog.

They still have a lot left get yours here! Have a great day!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

New blog, new page, follow by email, and a poll.

Guess what? My dolls have made a blog! Check it out,! I also added a page where you can see all of my dolls on this blog. Also, if you scroll down there is a poll! Now through March 1st. I also added a follow through email feature! Improvements every day!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

San Francisco American Girl place news!

Hello! I am squeeling like crazy right now! because AG just posted on Facebook that they are opening a American Girl place in San Francisco this fall!

 That is near to where I live. All this time i've been like, I wish they would open a ag place close to me!, and on the way to school I saw the post and I started screaming, literally! so me and my mom might even go for when the GOTY for 2014 comes out!

 I am happy beyond words, Thank you American girl!