Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GOTY 2013 info revealed!

Meet Saige! girl of the year 2013. The author of her books will be Jessie Haas. Book 1 is "Meet Saige" and book 2 is "Saige paints the sky".

The first book is about her getting upset that her school in Mexico City has made it so art and music classes can only be once every few years. Her and her grandmother Mimi plan a fundraiser. When Mimi gets in a accident her new friend Gabi helps her out.

The second book is about her painting in her grandmothers art studio and riding her horse Georgia. Riding Georgia helps her cope with missing her grandmother. She has an idea for funding the school, but a lot of creativity is needed to keep Georgia from getting sold.

It also looks like there is going to be a movie looking for people to play,

1. Alberta - fair complexion
2. Gayle - Latina
3. Dina - all
4. Tasha - blonde hair

None of these names are official, but it has a 99% chance. Another clue is that I sent American Girl an email asking if there would or could be an artist GOTY. They responded "we are sorry but we don't take suggestions from people outside of our company, we hope you understand. Although you will be very happy to see the next girl of the year debuting January 1st."

I hope you enjoyed! I got most of this info from doll diaries. But I also got some info from facebook and youtube.