The Dolls

Name: McKenna Marie Brooks
Birthday: July 14th
Favorite colors: Blue, green, and purple.
Favorite food: Protein bars.
Sport: Gymnastics.
Hobby: Besides gymnastics, playing with my american girl dolls.
Pets: a Husky named Pepper, a Bulldog named Meatloaf, a hamster named Polkadot, and a fish named Aqua.
Subject: Is Gym class considered a subject?
Most embarrassing moment: When I was at a hecka important meet and when I did my back tuck, I landed on my back!
Star Status: Chloe loves to photograph me mostly because of my hair. But I love being in the spotlight, so I am always up for it!

Name: Julie Megan Albright
Birthday: August 13th
Favorite colors: Pink, Orange, and Yellow.
Favorite food: I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches!
Sport: I am a competitive Ice skater.
Hobby: Reading and rollerskating.
Pets: A Terrier mutt named Sunshine, A Yorkie named Sugar, a Bunny named Nutmeg, and a fish named Coral.
Subject: Language.
Most embarrassing moment: In a Ice Skating competition I was doing my triple spin and I fell on my butt! It was embarrassing but it also hurt really bad! Everyone was laughing at me, but Mckenna and Chloe helped me up. But I got 3rd place anyway!:)
Star status: Chloe likes to use me in photos because of my smile. Kenna loves to be the star though, I would rather be sitting in bed reading a book anyway though.

Name: Saige Jessie Copeland
Birthday: April 2nd
Favorite colors: Cranberry, navy blue, bright orange, and denim(If thats a color)
Favorite Food: Steak. I'm a Texas girl!
Sport: Horse back riding.
Hobby: Art. My favorite things to paint are sunsets and horses.
Pets: Bella, A Cocker Spaniel puppy, Sketch a mix breed dog, Boo and Roo, twin pomeranian puppies, and a horse named Picasso. what can I say, I love animals!
Subject: Art. 
Most Embarrassing moment: At a horse show! It was when I was on a horse, and the owner said I could ride him. I was kind of tooting my own horn by saying how good I was at riding. But when I started the horse galloped 5 feet and I lost grip and fell off. I was so embarrassed I ran away without saying a word!
Star Status: I'm new here but Chloe said I am going to be in a lot because I am "photogenic", and because she loves my hair. But I know Kenna loves to be front and center so I think I would rather be working on a new art piece.

 Name: Avery Della B.
 Hair color: Blonde
 Eye color: Blue
 Trait: She is always wearing a hat!


Name: Paige Erin Crayol
Birthday: December 25
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Calamari. I know a lot of people that hate it, but to me it's super yummy!
Sport: Soccer
Hobby: Gymnastics.
Pets: I don't have a pet:(
Subject: PE because I get to run and let all of my energy out. Cause I have a lot of that...
Most Embarrassing Moment: I was doing a cartwheel to show off to my soccer team and I kinda fell flat on my face. No big deal or whatever.............
Star Status: When I get photographed I enjoy it, but I'd  much rather be playing outside with my friends.

Name: Kit (I'm really Kitrina, but I just HATE that name..) Nikkole Crayol
Birthday: June 5th
Favorite Color: Light green.
Favorite Food: SUGAR
Sport: I'm too girly for sports.
Hobby: Annoying my sisters for hours on end. It never gets old....
Pets: I have a beagle/hound mix named Grace.
Subject: Recess
Most Embarrassing Moment: When my sister Samantha caught me pouring sugar straight from the bag into my mouth.....It was all over the kitchen, and me.
Star Status: I'm a wee bit too crazy for people to have any interest in spending time taking photos of me... but I don't get it! Here is a list of my crazy things I do, it's not TOO long.
1. I'm always on a sugar high
2. I always take photos of me eating sugar and post them on Paige's instagram
2. I always waste my family's sugar supply 
3. I'm really annoying.
But thats all!

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Dally Lininger said...

Mckenna is just so pretty! I was going to get her....... but unfortunately I didn't. You have cuties!