Sunday, January 27, 2013

My plan for my LA trip in april!

So I am so excited about my trip to LA with my Grandma and I wanted to tell you about my plan for the trip. Enjoy:)

One morning in April, (I know the dates but I can't say them, sorry) I fly into LA and we go to the AG place for the day, including lunch at the American Girl Cafe! After that we will drive to the hotel, And guess what? My Grandma is so kind she booked us with the American girl package! Which includes a bed from AG, Exclusive with the package! Eeek I am so excited!

The next morning we will get breakfast and drive out to Disney land. Get our hotel there, drop off our luggage and then head to Disney land! The next day we will Get a hopper and go every where. We leave the day after that at around 1 or 2. So we have a little time to do some other things too!

I am so thankful I get to do all of this. And I am so happy and excited! have a wonderful day!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I am getting at AG place in April.

 quicky post on what I am getting!

 Saige doll
 Saige's Accessories
 Saige's Sparkle dress
 Saige's painting set
 AG exclusives
 and maybe some other stuff to!

My Thoughts on Saige's Collection Part 2

Okay here is part 2!
Saige's dog, $24. Here is Rembrandt. Well that is a very interesting name. In my opinion it seems like the My American Girl pets are all made hard, and G.O.T.Y. dolls dogs are made soft. For a little kid I think the soft pets are a great idea but I prefer the hard bodied animals, I have Meatloaf, Pepper, and Sugar. I have 2 soft bodied, Nutmeg, and Julie's terrier mutt I got of Ebay. Check out my post on her , here. I do like his blue leash though!
Saige's painting set, 48$. I love this set! I like that it comes with already painted pictures along with ones you can do. The Sketch pad and art portfolio. I love the mini paint tubes and brushes. I like the easel but it looks like it would not stand up to hard playing.
Saige's Parade Hat and Helmet, $20. To me this is just like getting a hat for ten dollars and a helmet for ten dollars. I would have liked it if you could have purchased them separately. I have to admit I do like the helmet!
Saige's Saddle set, $38. I like this set, but for 38 dollars, it seems like way to much. I might change my mind but really to me this is just a saddle and 4 little accessories.

Saige's Hot Air Balloon, $150. At first I was like " This is way to expensive! for such a small item." but when I realized it was over 4 feet tall I was all, "Woah". I still don't think I will be getting this item, because well its HUGE!!!! I do like the actual balloon and accessories though!

I will most likely not be giving my thoughts on Saige and her accessories because all I can Say is I LOVE THEM.

Comment and tell me what you think of Saige's collection and why. If you have already made  your own post like this comment a link!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My thoughts on Saige's collection part 1

Today I want to do a post on what I think of Saige's collection. I do not have any of it yet, but I will get her and some of her items to when I go to the AG place, LA in April.
Well lets get started!
To me Saige's sparkle dress is a item like, Mckenna's fancy dress or Kanani's party outfit, pictured below. The past 2 girl of the year's party outfits cost 28$ her outfit costs 30$. So basically it went up 2 dollars. But lets think about it, if you look at American Girls website, the outfits that have boots rather than other types of shoes typically cost more. Ever since I first saw this outfit I was in love. I didn't have one complaint about it. Now the only thing that concerns me is the quality of the fabric, But people on Youtube had the same concerns but all of them ended up loving it. I will be getting this item in april! The outfits:
Mckenna's fancy dress, 28$ 
Kanani's party outfit, 28$


Saige's parade outfit is 34$. Personally I don't like this outfit. The only thing I don't think is bad are the boots, But I mean I would LOVE them if they were pink! Gray seems to clash with this outfit. I think the shirt is a little to cowgirl for my taste. I like the colors but the print seems a little to old- lady- ish. I like the pants but if they were going big on the cow girl thing a orange tinted brown color would have been nice. The belt is nice and I really do think it ties the look together. And let me say her hair looks so beautiful in this picture!
Saige's Sweater oufit, 34$. Oh my gosh I cant say how much I love this outfit! The sweater has a cool pattern, (kind of tribal like! This would look great on Kaya!) The way it sits is so pretty, people say you kind of have to position it but Im ok with that if it means I get it to look like this! The tank top also has a really mini pattern and you can barely see it with the big print of the sweater, but when you take the sweater off it look so great! Colette Denali on flickr has a great example pic! I have a pair of jeggings that look just like these! and the sandals, oh don't get me started on the sandals. Lets just put in in one word, LOVE.
Saige's PJs 24$ I like these pjs, I like them a lot actually. I love the colors, the print, the short shorts, and the fuzzy flip flop slippers. The only thing is, I don't buy the PJs, because well, I sew them, actually my mom does. So when I said "Mom, I really like Saige's pjs!" she said " I can make them." So that is for sure going to be our next project. For Christmas my mom and I, made one of my best friends a pair of pjs for her AG doll and she absolutely loved them! I have lets see, 4 pairs of pajamas, and 1 nightgown for my dolls, boy, are they spoiled.
Saige's horse, holy guacamole, 94$. I can buy a MAG horse that is in my opinion cuter for 75$! for some reason this horse is not appealing to me at all. If I want a horse for Saige i'm not going to pick this one. 

Well thats is part one! two will be up soon!