Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Have A Visitor!

Hello everyone! I have some super exiting news! Miss Paige,

Will be spending a week or two at our house! Why? Well here's the story and it's kinda a long one.

Mia and I were hanging out playing with the dolls And in the game Paige was mine. Mia was telling me that she doesn't really use them besides when she is with me, so she told me to keep Paige until we see each other again. At first I didn't know whether to say yes or no. But I said yes and I am glad I did. Paige is an amazing doll, and It's fun to have a friend around:)

Check out the new post on my dolls view of Paige opening mini Saige!

We are exited to have you here Paige:)