Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Saige collection photos

Hey guys. Quick post to tell you that photos of her collection have surfaced. Click this Link to go to the page with the pics. Just a little update!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Early Christmas Joy!

Hi everyone! Merry early Christmas, and I hope it has been a wonderful Hanukkah. Yesterday I went to my family's early Christmas party. That means presents, which means AG! I had a great time and afterword my cousin Gracie came over for a sleep over, I am showing her how to make a blog post right now. Anyway on to the Pics...

Above is Mini Caroline. I got her from Gracie. She is quite pretty, I love her curls but I had to use my finger, :)

Here is Felicity, got her a few days ago from my grandpa. Love her to death.

Also from my grandpa I got the wheel chair.It is a great buy. I really would want to make a disabled doll like Josie, hmmm thoughts for a doll in the future for this reason.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas and a happy new year!

-Chloe, ( and Gracie, kinda)