Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shout outs and why I've been gone :)

Im so sorry I haven't posted in a while. I know some people say, "I'll post every friday!"
and thats ok. Some of my favorite blogs and youtube people do it, for example BRATAYLEY. Search for them on youtube. I post when I feel creative. I hope you guys understand! Im not feeling the most creative today but I will do something I haven't done yet, SHOUT OUTS!!! Today Im giving 4 shout outs. 2 to blogs and 2 to youtube.

The blogs are:

The Toy Box Philosopher & Doll Diares!

The youtube channels are:

Girl Of The Year Studios & AG Zoe Eve!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

AG contest?

So since i've been to barnes and noble and saw the treasure totes, (check out my barnes and noble post to see Julie's) I was thinking maybe I could do a contest! The prize would be the treasure tote of your'e choice! Do you like that idea? comment down bellow and tell me! If you guys want me to do it, I will!


AG doodles

This morning I was going through the "I <3 art book" and I came across a really cool page. It teaches you how to doodle animals starting with letters. I made them for all my family members. And then I did one for the blog. So I decided I should post the pictures of it. ENJOY!

reviewer: snail, mouse, penguin, bear, mouse, bat, mouse, and snail.

bull, camel, and mouse.

kitty, and hamster.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Julie's Dog walking set : Terrier mutt

Just a few hours ago in the mail I got Julie's terrier mutt off ebay for 5.99! What a steal!

I named her Sunshine Moonbeam Albright. I made her Julie's puppy. She came with her collar and everything! Her leash and collar have a beautiful pattern! The only bad thing is that it doesn't come off.

Her tag is on the back of her left leg. Like most AG pets.

Isn't that face so cute!

Wow. 5 posts in one day, thats a LOT. I will try to get another few up tomorrow!


Barnes and Noble

I just got back from Barnes And Noble. I got to snag a few pics of the Caroline display,

This is where you can enter to win the doll, and where she is displayed. Isn't she beautiful!

And underneath that they have the mini dolls, and the book and pet packs. Last time I was there I picked up Pepper the husky. All they had here was Honey. Didn't get her though:(

Next we have the Caroline Abbot book stand, and the normal AG book stand,

Now for all the AG stuff I got.

First I got the "Math + Fashion = Fun" book. It is filled up with fun and challenging math problems. It is 12.95, but if you love math this is the book for you!

Next is the " I <3 Art" book. I <3 this book!!! It is great for artists... like me! This is a totally great book. So I was O.K with paying 12.95 for it. It even comes with a color wheel!

Next thing I got was "Nicki" the girl of the year for 2007's meet book. She is a girl who LOVES animals. Again like me! it was only 6.95. not bad!

The last thing I got was... Julie's TREASURE TOTE" let me tell you this thing is LOADED for 3.99.

This is what it looks like when you first open it,

This is a little doll sized book. its made of paper and is only three pages but still, adorable.

This is the play scene for the doll sized paper dolls.

 These are the Paper dolls, they come with an extra outfit for each girl, one bad thing though. The extra clothes are stickers! Seriously that kinda ruins the meaning for the word "paper dolls"

Next is the cootie catcher. I love making cootie catchers so this is perfect. It even comes with a little instruction manual. Out of the what seems like a million times i've made these I still need the instructions.

Then they put in these little things called "conversation cards" they all read some question related to Julie, or her era.

Then they have a card that teaches you how to draw a bald eagle. A cute touch from her stories. I will be trying this later for sure!

Last thing in this set is the pencil pal. In this set we get Nutmeg, Julie's pet bunny. You punch out the pencil pal and the two holes then you slide it onto the pencil. I like this, but being me I probably won't be tempted to take it out.

I hope you enjoyed my post!

                                                 - Chloe

Stay Tuned!

I'm going to barnes and noble. they have a really awesome caroline display! I will take pics and do a post. I probably won't get anything AG but you never know ;)


Feel Better Kit

Here we have the.... Feel better kit! It retails for 30.00 and is in a quite big box! I wanted this set mostly for the crutches and ankle cast for one of my dolls, Mckenna. because her cast and crutches set was backordered until December and for the price you get more with this, plus I wasn't the biggest fan of Mckenna's pink crutches!

Its not like the outfit boxes. The top actually lifts off. For blogging it is quite helpful! 
Here is the box with the lid off:

First thing that grabs my eye is the crutches, so I take them out first. They are plastic but have a silver paint, which makes it much more realistic. They are very sturdy. Great for playability, the only thing I dislike is when you put them on the doll the top doesn't go to the armpit. But other than that, I love them.

 Next I pull out the ankle cast. It is purple. It opens on the side so the dolls foot can slide in. In the promo Pictures it looks wrapped, but in real life it is hard plastic. The inside is soft and fabric so thats good I suppose. Once again great for playing. I've heard complaints about it falling off but that hasn't happened to me! they probably got a defect.

Next is the arm cast, and I can tell you, i'm not a big fan. It fits correctly. It has the fuzzy inside. Good for playing, but... the shape is sooooo off. It looks like a lump of plastic to me.

Next is the ice pack. it is SO cute. It is a little penguin on its belly it says American Girl Ice Pack. Everyone thinks theres some special putty put inside to make it squishy. But no, I looked at the whats in it thing and all it has is polyester fiber and air. No putty, no toxic gel, Not anything weird. But I have to Give AG a thumbs up for this, it is so awesome!

 Next we have the... finger splint! I know it made me laugh to. It fits onto your dolls index finger, and is so tiny! I never use it because i'm scared i'm going to lose it! other wise its a great item, yet in my opinion rather useless. But still its cute!

 Next we have the stickers. They give you two sheets. Filled up with words, flowers, and pets. They are meant to decorate the ankle and arm cast's. They say there "reusable" but i'm not that sure about that. I don''t think I'm going to use them, but I do understand some girls might want to! I think there a cute little extra touch.

Next i'm going to talk about the wrap. Sorry I don't have a photo... forgot to take one. But it's not really needed. the velcro doesn't work very well so it has very low playability. I did include it in the group pic though!

Last but not least... the little injury care thing. Ok maybe the least. Its a three page thing on how to feel better. Really nothing else to say.

 So now I'm gonna post some pictures of everything! ENJOY!

 Hope you enjoyed reading!

I'll post more later!



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