Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Have A Visitor!

Hello everyone! I have some super exiting news! Miss Paige,

Will be spending a week or two at our house! Why? Well here's the story and it's kinda a long one.

Mia and I were hanging out playing with the dolls And in the game Paige was mine. Mia was telling me that she doesn't really use them besides when she is with me, so she told me to keep Paige until we see each other again. At first I didn't know whether to say yes or no. But I said yes and I am glad I did. Paige is an amazing doll, and It's fun to have a friend around:)

Check out the new post on my dolls view of Paige opening mini Saige!

We are exited to have you here Paige:)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Dolls, Dolls, and more Dolls.

Today my good friend, and fellow doll lover, Mia came over. She has 3 dolls: Kit, PC Samantha, and Paige, M.A.G. number 22.

Mia comes over often but doesn't bring Sam, the poor girl's head is falling off and her skin is old and kinda dirty. But let me say, all of the girls are best friends! I have some photos that we took of them by a pretty vine. Enjoy!

Here are 2 pictures of Mia and I....

 Have a doll-tastic day!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Picasso, Saige's horse

So as some of you may know, I started off hating Saige's horse, Picasso. But since then I have grown to love him and added him to the family when I was in NY. I had also realized he is more expensive because he has articulation.

Plus Saige just LOVES him.

He is very big and sturdy. And he seems like he weighs a few pounds, but I bet he doesn't.

His head is very pretty, or should I say handsome, and his mane, oh his mane. It is Sooooooo soft!!

I think his name suits him. One, because Saige is an artist, but also his fur looks like a painting. His mane is also about the same color as Julie's.

Next, for his awesome neck movement. It goes from high,

To medium,

To low.

His front right leg moves too. He is very fun to pose! Here is the back of him, and I gave him Saige's hair style,

Here are a few pictures for size comparison between him and Saige.

Hope you enjoyed the review! Have an awesome day:)



Monday, June 3, 2013

Going to AG place in NYC

Geez, sorry guys! I have not posted in FOR-EVER! But I am super exited because in a few days I am leaving for NYC which means, AG PLACE!!!!!!!!

And guess what? I decided I want to purchase Saige's horse. After seeing him in person at the LA store, I kind fell in love. Oh Picasso. I have birthday money and I wanted to use some of it for New York.

 Oh yeah for my birthday I got Saige's sweater outfit & sparkle dress.


P.S. did you see this pic of a future Saige outfit? Check it out on Doll Diaries here.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saige's Spring Photo Shoot

It was warm and sunny so I brought Saige out for a little spring photo shoot. Enjoy:)

Remember to smile!


P.S My heart goes out to Boston. What a tragedy. <3

Saturday, April 6, 2013

AG Trip April 2013!

Hey guys! OMG I haven't posted in for-ever! Its just I have been going through a lot lately. My dog passed away, and we adopted a new puppy named Teddy. So my house has been pretty hectic. But as you read from the title of this post, I went to AG! Thank you to my grandma for taking me. Lets get started!

When I first walked into the store I thought, AG heaven! So many girls smiling and holding dolls, picking out accessories and outfits, brushing and styling their hair. It just makes you happy. The staff was friendly and really cared about your needs. The store is truly a wonderful experience.

First off the new sister in the family, Saige Copeland, girl of the year 2013!

Here she is! I have up next a pic of her face:

She has beautiful turquoise eyes, freckles, auburn hair; classic face mold. I think she has the most pretty hair!

Her meet outfit consists of a blue layered dress with a sewed on western print belt. I think all of the colors look very nice on her! She also has strappy, cowboy boots:

I think these boots are a great mix of modern and western! 

This is one of her lovely flower earrings! They are silver and very detailed.

Next I have her accessories:

This set includes 1 pair of studs and 2 pairs of add on dangle earrings (I love the gold ones). A blue bead necklace with a gold charm, a four strand red beaded bracelet, (I like to twist the bracelet you a 2 in 1 kinda thing!) and the bohemian style purse. I need this bag for's totally cute!

I got Saige's pajamas, because I have been wanting them and her sparkle dress and sweater outfit weren't in stock. 

The pj set comes with a quarter sleeve shirt with a flower, printed shorts, fuzzy pink flip-flop slippers and 2 hair ties. I was almost about to get the girls' size for me, but they were really expensive for a pair of pjs! But if they ever go on sale I'm picking them up for sure!

Oh yeah, did I mention Kenna got her ears pierced at AG? Well, she did! She looks adorable with earrings. They really add detail to any outfit! Afterwards they gave her this set of earrings in a mini AG bag:

They come with silver star studs, heart studs, round studs, star dangle, heart dangle, and hoops.

To have more mix and match options, we also got the "I love pets" earring set:

This set comes with pink bone studs, Praline studs, green jewel studs, Coconut studs, Sugar dangles, and pink flower paw print dangles. My favorites are the bones because when I see that shape I automatically think, PUPPY!

My Grandma also (thank you!) got me the Birthstone earrings:

This set comes with studs that are all of the birthstones and dangle hoops that have stars, hearts, and butterflies attached. I love how the dangles really, well, dangle!

I have wanted a swimsuit for my dolls for awhile now, so I decided to buy the tankini and sarong set:

This set comes with a blue ruffle tankini, blue flip-flops, a sarong, and the fair heart charm. The sarong is a little bit of a pain to work though, so beware of that for younger children.

There were also some great store exclusives, which are always nice because you can't get them online. I am going to show them below, but not go into any detail.

Berry skirtini

ruffle skirt
2 ag shirts: one for me, one for my friend.
Rasberry hoodie 
logo jeans

Those are all of my store items but I also got something from the hotel:

This is a real ag brand, folding bed! it comes with the bed, satin blanket, and ag pillow.

ag tag
Blanket and pillow
Folded up into a chair
After shopping, and looking at EVERYTHING, we ate lunch at the AG cafe. Everyone was super nice and I had a really great time and will be going back for sure. Here is me, Saige, and my delicious Oreo shake!

And, just in case you were wondering, here is my boy, Teddy. (Curled up with Julie of course!)